Sterile Ceftriaxone Sodium 250 mg SWFI

Sterile Ceftriaxone Sodium 250 mg SWFI



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Sterile Ceftriaxone Sodium 250 mg SWFI Injection Uses  

Sterile Ceftriaxone Sodium 250 mg SWFI injection. Ceftriaxone is a broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat various infections caused by bacteria. Ceftriaxone belongs to a group of antibiotics called cephalosporin antibiotics, which inhibit the growth of the bacteria. The use of ceftriaxone belongs to a group of antibiotics called cephalosporin antibiotics, which inhibit the growth of the bacteria. The use of ceftriaxone in new-borns with elevated bilirubin and premature infants is not recommended due to an increased risk of adverse reactions. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist. 

The dosage and duration of administration of ceftriaxone are safe as long as they are taken as directed by your doctor. Always take your dose exactly as directed and never miss a dose. Always follow your doctor’s instructions and let them know if any adverse reactions bother you.

Direction to Use 

  • This medication is injected into a muscle or a vein as prescribed by your doctor, typically once or twice a day. The dose is determined by your medical condition and how well you respond to treatment. Make sure to drink a maximum of fluids while taking this medication, unless your doctor orders otherwise.
  • Ceftriaxone has been prescribed by your doctor to treat your infection and relieve your symptoms. Do not skip any dose and complete the entire course of treatment, even if you are feeling better. Not doing so may make it more difficult to treat your infection.
  • If you are thawing the frozen pre-mixed solution, it is best to thaw it at room temperature, or in the fridge. If you thaw it in the fridge, let it thaw for at least an hour before using it. Never thaw it by placing it into a water bath, or microwaving it. 
  • Do not self-administrate this injection by yourself. This injection will be given to you by a medical healthcare expert in your blood vein. As we mentioned before this medication requires proper medication and dosage measurement, so it is best to have this from your medical healthcare professional. 

Side Effects 

It is important to remember that this medicine has been given to you because your doctor has decided that the benefits outweigh the risks. Most people who are having treatment with these medications do not experience serious side effects. If you experience serious side effects, please inform your doctor as soon as possible. Common side effects include: 

  • Easy bruising/bleeding.
  • Unusual.
  • Tiredness.
  • Gallbladder disease Symptoms (pain, nausea, vomiting) 
  • Signs of kidney problems (changed color and amount of urination, bloody/dark/urine painful/frequent urination).
  • Back pain.
  • Side pain.
  • Yellow eyes.
  • Unwanted skin conditions.
  • Confusion seizures.

difficile is a bacterial infection of the intestinal tract caused by the bacterium Clostridioides difficile. It is rare for this medication to cause serious intestinal disease, but it can happen during treatment or for weeks to months after stopping treatment. Tell your doctor ASAP if you experience:

Continuous diarrhea Abdominal or stomach pain/constipation Blood/mucus found in your stool If you experience any of the above, do not take anti-diarrheal or opioid products as they may worsen symptoms.

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